Cappuccino VS Latte 2019 – What Is Cappuccino And latte?

Cappuccino VS Latte 2019
Cappuccino VS Latte 2019

Cappuccino VS Latte 2019 – What Is Cappuccino And latte?

Hello, Everyone Today I am writing this blog to give you information on Cappuccino VS Latte and more ideas about it. I hope you will love this article. Read this article carefully, you will get lots of new ideas and information.

What is Cappuccino?

The main question is What is Cappuccino actually. Coffee has become the first choice for most of the people to cheer them up in the morning or to lighten their mood when they are a bit bored.

Talking about the coffee, there arise lots of drinks that may or may not be espresso-based drinks. Among lots of espresso-based coffees, Cappuccino is preferred by the majority. Nowadays, Cappuccino is the most common menu for peoples in every café to their homes. 

Cappuccino is one of the most admired drinks all around the globe. It is the hot beverage consisting of espresso and foamed milk with stirred cream.  It is topped with an airy, thick layer of foamed milk and a rich shot of espresso.

The recipes of Cappuccino is the use of equal ratios of espresso, steamed milk and microfoam i.e. 1/3 ratios for each. By mixing them properly you are ready to have your cup of Cappuccino. It was introduced for the first time in Italy. I hope you have got your answer on What is Cappuccino.

Cappuccino VS Latte – What are Difference Between Cappuccino And Latte?

Cappuccino VS Latte 2019
Cappuccino VS Latte 2019

One of the most and frequently asked question in a barista training is, “what is the Difference Between Cappuccino and Latte”. In this paragraph I am going to give some short information and photos, that helps you to distinguished Cappuccino and Latte and I am sure your confusion will be finished. Here is the answer for Cappuccino VS Latte:

Cappuccino made as follows:

  • Taking one shot of espresso into a cup
  • Pouring steamed milk into the espresso cup
  • Making 2-3 cm of milk foam into the cup
  • Using chocolate powder in the top

Latte made as follows:

  • Taking one shot of espresso into a cup
  • Pouring steamed milk into the espresso cup
  • Making 1cm of milk foam into the cup
  • Latte art is Optional

As you can see that, generally processing of making Cappuccino and Latte is somehow the same but in Cappuccino milk foam is made thicker and in latte milk foam is made thin as possible as it can be.

And in Cappuccino chocolate powder is used and designed should be compulsory to look as classic but in latte designed is optional. I hope you are clear about the Difference Between Cappuccino And Latte.

Way to Serve the Cappuccino Properly

I have already given the answer on Difference Between Cappuccino And Latte. Now it’s time to know how to serve the cappuccino.

  1. Using Proper Cups: Cappuccino should be served in a small, plain, elegant and handled cups. You should focus that cup size should match the amount of cappuccino you are serving. Even make sure that your cup design is very attractive and colorful. That’s it about the cup.
  2. With some cookies: If Cappuccino is served along with Cookies, Biscuits, muffins or other tasty snacks it will be perfect. Or you can serve a couple of cookies on a small plate next to your cappuccino. If you do so everyone is going to remember you and you will get more love from your dearest one. Enjoy the Cappuccino sir/madam.

How To Make Cappuccino [Cappuccino VS Latte]

Cappuccino VS Latte 2019
Cappuccino VS Latte 2019

In this paragraph, we will be talking about steps to make a Cappuccino. I will give every step on How To Make Cappuccino.

[Method 1 – How To Make Cappuccino with Steam Pitcher]

  1. Cappuccinos are roughly one-quarter Espresso and three quarters steamed milk. Espresso is brewed by forcing extremely hot water through finely ground coffee under high pressure. At first, put the desired amount of brewed espresso into a large cup. Now, you must make steamed foam milk.
  2. At first, take a steam pitcher in front of you. A steam pitcher is a specifically designed machine that heats liquid through steaming. Now fill the steam pitcher with cold milk. I prefer to use non-fat milk to you because it gives a creamy like foam. But however non-fat milk somehow lacks the creamy taste. Or you can use fatty milk that gives you flavor rather than foam. It’s upon you whether you prefer foam or flavor.
  3. Now its turn to steaming the milk. Steaming milk gives cappuccinos flavor and bubbly quality. You should steam the milk between 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes about 1-2 minutes. After 1-2 min just put your neat and clean finger in the steaming milk to check whether it gets warm enough or not. If not, then just heat the milk slowly for 30-40 sec.

More Steps:

  1. As we know that milk is very sensitive to heat, so you should use the steamed milk as soon as possible to make palatable in a cappuccino. If you want to make a large batch of cappuccinos at once you should steam a large quantity of milk at once. Remember if milk is reheated, then it gets stale and loses the potential for foam.
  2. Now, pour the hot steamed milk into a large cup having espresso. You should concentrate while pouring the milk i.e. you must pour the milk slowly. Any quick and fast movements will risk on compromising the foam. The very save way to get most foam is to take a spoon and use it to trap in the foam at the top of the pitcher.
  3. This is the step to make cappuccino with the help of Steam Pitcher. In extra, if you want to make good foam, you should steam the milk in proper temperature, pour the steamed milk at the right death of a cup containing espresso and you should try again and again i.e. don’t be discouraged if you get a bad foam in a first or second time. For perfect foam, every person requires a lot of skill and practice. Wish you all the best to make perfect Cappuccino and serve it to your closest one.

[Method 2 – Make a Cappuccino With Milk Frother]

  1. At first, take a large cup and pour some desired amount of brewed espresso.
  2. Take a cold mike or milk at room temperature, into the milk frother. Then start frothing processing. As soon as the milk gets frother, it will begin to expand. And you must prevent the frother from overflow.
  3. After that start to heat the milk. Remember do not boil the milk. After 1-2 min you will get to see the warm milk with a creamy layer of foam on top of it.
  4. Now pour the steam foam of milk in a large cup containing brewed espresso slowly. Then your Cappuccino gets ready. Go and serve to your dearest one.

[How To Make Cappuccino Step By Step Perfectly]

Cappuccino VS Latte 2019
Cappuccino VS Latte 2019
  • Drawing Art in your Cappuccino: Drawing a designed at the top of your Cappuccino make it more attractive, more professional and classier. Drawing a designed-on Cappuccino is a very tricky way and you can take months of Baristas training to get a proper hand of it. It can be done when you are pouring steam foam milk into an espresso cup. There are lots of designs you can make on your Cappuccino, they are:
  1. Heart shape
  2. Swirl pattern
  3. Leaves
  4. Person
  • Adding Cinnamon and Chocolate flakes in your Cappuccino: Cappuccino is mostly valued for their presentation and their tastes. Cinnamon and Chocolate flakes help to add both in your Cappuccino. Once your Cappuccino gets ready, sprinkle power of Cinnamon and Chocolate Flakes. This technique surely makes your Cappuccino look like a professional delicacy.

Benefits Cappuccino for Health

I have already mentioned about Cappuccino VS Latte. Most of the people think that Cappuccino is not fruitful for the health but consuming it in a perfect manner will surely be beneficial for health.

Now, let’s talk about some of the beneficial facts about the Cappuccino for you.

  •  Cappuccino lowers the risk of heart attacks by 20 percent according to a survey.
  • It reduces the risk of developing two types of diabetes.
  • Coffees help in short term memory boost.
  • Coffee reduces the risk of symptomatic gallstone disease.
  • Coffee promotes regular digestion.
  • It reduces the risk of some cancers.
  • And It helps in burning down of excess fat of your body.
  • It is good for the teeth as it functions against cavities. Roasted coffee beans have antibacterial effects on the cavity.
  • It helps to prevent the headaches. During migraines, blood vessels increase in size which then are minimized to lower the headaches by having a cup of Cappuccino.
  • It is good for the liver as it’s true that it helps to reduce the risk of liver cancer in every consumption of coffee.

Cappuccino Calories

Many people are searching for Cappuccino Calories. I have mentioned all the Cappuccino Calories and Nutrients in this paragraph.

A classic Cappuccino is the combination of 11/2 oz of espresso and 11/2 to 2 oz of frothed milk. In 31/2 to 4 oz cup of Cappuccino, there are 27 to 36 calories.

A basic Cappuccino contains about 36 calories in a cup. Cappuccino calories can be increased up to 90-120 by adding different agents like sugar, syrup or cocoa powder.

Cappuccino Price In Nepal, USA etc.

Here are the details about Cappuccino price In Nepal and USA. As I believe that everyone should get their price as their work. Make very Professional Cappuccino and served it and you can take a price for it.

Now, you are thinking how much you should get paid for your Cappuccino? Cappuccino price in Nepal is Rs. 250, and €1.93 in Euro, $2.19 in the USA.


This much for today’s article. I hope you’ve got some information on Cappuccino VS Latte, What Is Cappuccino, Cappuccino benefits, How To Make Cappuccino etc. I will try my best to provide educational articles like this future. Keep supporting allitfeed.

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