CSIT Colleges In Nepal With Fee Structure

We all want to read technical subject for bright future. And there is one question trending. And it is Colleges In Nepal With Fee Structure. Bsc CSIT stands for Bachelor in Science, Computer Science and Information Technology. This is one of the best technical subject trending in Nepal. There is a great prospect of Bsc CSIT all over the world. There are many colleges for Bsc CSIT in Nepal. They provide Theoritical and Practical knowledge perfectly. This is the world of Science and Technology so technical knowledge is very important for every people. Today we will be learning about the CSIT Colleges In Nepal With Fee Structure in detail.

A students should have passed Higher Secondary School with Science subject to take Bsc CSIT for further studies. Bsc CSIT is not a easy subject to learn. This subject requires Hard Work and patience to get success in future. If you get success in this field then you will get good jobs and make your future.

What is the Prospects of Bsc CSIT in Nepal?



As Bsc CSIT is a technical subject, it itself is a good subject for Job Opportunities. This is a very very useful subject in this 21’st century. Bsc CSIT is only the subject which meets every requirements for learning Information Technology. This subject is consist of every Knowledge and Ideas about the latest Technical Knowledge. Bsc CSIT student will be perfect in many fields after passing the course. This subject is for Four years. There are eight semester in Bsc CSIT. Every semester examination is held in six months.

The fields where a Bsc CSIT students get success are listed below

  • Cryptographers
  • The Computer system analysts
  • Artificial intelligence specialist
  • Web developer and web designer
  • IT manager/ officer
  • Project managers
  • And Search engine optimization officers
  • Technical content writers
  • Software engineers and application developers
  • Information system analysts
  • Database and network administrators

CSIT Colleges In Nepal, Kathmandu

The Bsc CSIT colleges in kathmandu are very good and provide quality education to all. The CSIT fee in Nepal is also reliable. There are lots of CSIT colleges in Kathmandu Nepal for this subject. There are Private and Government colleges for Bsc CSIT in Nepal. We will be getting education about “CSIT Colleges In Nepal With Fee Structure” today.

Some of the CSIT colleges of Nepal are are given below. Check Them.

  • Amrit Science Campus 
  • Patan Campus
  • Ambition Acedemy
  • Deer Walk College
  • Aims College
  • Nist College
  • Orchid International College
  • Texas International College
  • Lumbini ICT College
  • New Summit College
  • Samajik College
  • Samridhi College
  • Kathford International College
  • Nepalgunj College
  • Hetauda City College
  • Sagarmatha College Of Science And Technology
  • St. Lawrence College
  • St. Xavier College
  • Asian College of Science and Technology
  • Birendra Multiple Campus
  • Trinity College

Bsc CSIT Fee Structure

Now we will discuss about CSIT Colleges In Nepal With Fee Structure in detail. The main thing is Bsc CSIT fee structure of the colleges in Nepal are reliable. It means there colleges with low fee structure and high fee structure in Nepal. The fee structure of Government colleges is less. But to read in these college we must pass the Examination conducted by Tribhuwan University with good number.

There are private colleges with average Bsc CSIT Fee Structure. But there are some colleges which has fee structure very high. But they give more extra knowledge and more Technical ideas for students. The average cost to read Bsc CSIT is 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 rupees.

Bsc CSIT Fee Structure Of Nepal Is Given Below



  • Amrit Science Campus           = 2,00,000 (Government College)
  • Deerwalk College                   = 9,00,000 to 10,00,000
  • Ambition Academy                 = 6,50,000
  • Birendra Multiple Campus        = 2,00,000
  • College of Applied Business         = 5,00,000
  • Henry Ford International College  = 5,00,000
  • Himalaya College of Engineering   = 5,20,000
  • Kathford International College      = 5,50,000
  • Kathmandu BernHardt College     =  4,50,000
  • Lumbini ICT College                     = 4,00,000
  • Madan Bhandari Memorial College = 2,20,000
  • Patan Multiple Campus                  = 2,00,000
  • National College of Computer Studies = 5,00,000
  • National Infotech College                    = 5,50,000
  • NIST College                                      = 5,50,000
  • Orchid International College                = 4,90,000
  • Sagarmatha College of Science and Technology = 5,50,000
  • St. Xavier’s College                                           = 4,20,000
  • St. Lawrence College                                         =  5,50,000

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