Bsc CSIT Entrance Preparation Guide

Bsc CSIT Entrance Preparation Guide

Bsc CSIT Entrance Preparation Guide

Bsc CSIT is a technical subject which is in trend all over the World. And its especially in Nepal. There are lots of factor that makes Bsc CSIT a good subject and a subject with bright future. Its a career developing subject. If you are planning for a great future then you can target Bsc CSIT blindly. It is considered as one of the best Information Technology subjects. Today we will be learning about Bsc CSIT Entrance Preparation Guide in detail. There are some subjects and ideas to learn Bsc CSIT. We will go in detail about them.

For Bsc CSIT Entrance Preparation there are lots of books available in the market. But our goal is to pass the CSIT entrance exam with good number. The examination is conducted by Tribhuwan University. The examination is called IOST exam. This examination is held every year in Nepal. Today I will provide you a Bsc CSIT Entrance Preparation Guide with all the sylabus and some question models of IOST.

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CSIT Colleges In Nepal



  • Amrit Science Campus 
  • Patan Campus
  • Ambition Acedemy
  • Deer Walk College
  • Aims College
  • Nist College
  • Orchid International College
  • Texas International College
  • Lumbini ICT College
  • New Summit College
  • Samajik College
  • Samridhi College
  • Kathford International College
  • Nepalgunj College
  • Hetauda City College
  • Sagarmatha College Of Science And Technology
  • St. Lawrence College
  • St. Xavier College
  • Asian College of Science and Technology
  • Birendra Multiple Campus
  • Trinity College

Bsc CSIT Entrance Preparation Syllabus




Mathematics  [25 marks]

  1. Calculus                         = 9 marks
  2. Function and Set            = 3 marks
  3. Co-ordinate Geometry    = 4 marks
  4. Algebra                           = 7 marks
  5. Trigonometry                  = 2 marks       Total : 25 marks

English [25 marks]

  1. Grammar
  2. Synonym and Antonym
  3. Analogies and Comparisions

Chemistry [25 marks]

  1. Physical Chemistry     = 10 marks
  2. Inorganic Chemistry   = 8 marks
  3. Organic Chemistry      = 7 marks               Total : 25 marks 

Physics [25 marks]

  1. Mechanics                                  = 5 marks
  2. Heat and Thermodynamics       = 4 marks
  3. Wave                                          = 3 marks
  4. Optics                                         = 4 marks
  5. Electricity                                   = 5 marks
  6. Modern Physics                          = 4 marks      Total : 25 marks

Bsc CSIT Entrance Preparation Syllabus With Photo

Bsc CSIT Entrance Preparation Guide

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