Dashain Festival 2076 Wishes And Greetings

Dashain Festival 2076 Wishes And Greetings

Dashain Festival 2076

First of all Happy Dashain Festival 2076 to all of my Nepali friends, elders, and to everyone. Dashain is one of the main festival of hindu community celebrated all over the world.It is fifteen-day-long festival of Shaktism in South Asia.In Nepal it is also called “Bijaya Dashami” and in India it is called as “Dasai.”Dashain is the nepali version of Durga Puja.In context of Nepal,Dashain is one of the most longest and the most auspicious festival in Bikram Sambhat and Sambatannual calendar,celebrated by whole hindu commmunity.Dashain is celebrated once a year during the month of Ashwin or karthik.”Ghatasthapana” marks the beginning day of Dashain. Likewise Dashain Festival 2076 is also going to bring a lot of happiness and rejoice in the families.

This day in different nook of the country people cultivate seeds for growing the jamara which is put on with the red tika which marks the blessing given by our elders for the happiness and long life.With the mythological beliefs,it is believed that the demon Mahishasura had created terro in the Devalokabut Durga killed the rackcchesh.It is the day that marks the end of all bad evils from the world.The first ninth day of Dashain symbolize the battle that took place between different manifestations of Durga and Mahishasura. The tenth day is the day when Durga finally defeated him.In other hindus,it symbolizes the victory of Ravan by Lord Ram.

All About Dashain Festival 2076

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Dashain remarks the day full of happiness and rejoices in the happiness. During dashain every governmental offices,organizations, schools,colleges etc remains closed. People who are far from native lands too co come to their own land for celebrating the festival otherthan if they do not get the holidays then they celebrate it by their own way.Vijaya Dashami is the main day of Dashain.This day people wake up early in the morning and take bath and devotethe watr to the sun and mark the begining of Vijaya Dashami.

Dashain Festival 2076 will be remarking the greatest day for all Hindus all over the world. They then plug all those jamaras which they grew and preprare red tika with the grains of rice.People put new dresses and devote their forehead towards their elders and put tika from them along with jamaras and the most valuable blessings from them.

During Dashain all family members get together to share sorrows and happiness.Childrens enjoy swings,fathers enjoy cards and mothers enjoy cooking delicious meats.With the passage of time,dashain has always brought happiness in the families. Families from rural to urban,poor to rich,Nepal to India all are planning to make Dashain Festival 2076 the most rememberance one.

Dashain Festival Wishes And Greetings

One of the auspicious  Dashain festival 2076

Celebrated by every Hindus…

May bring a lots of happiness and joys in families

With the wishes of long and happy life

Fulfillness of all the esteems and the needs

Success in every step of your life…

Red tika with jamaras in the foreheads

May flying kites up in the sky,playing swings make childrens the most enjoyable day

And May playing cards for fathers make them the most champion one

May delicious food cooked by moms make families members healthy

Gathering with family members,relatives,neighbours make the most happiest day

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If you have any questions and queries about “Dashain Festival 2076 please feel free to contact us. We will try to provide every wishes and greetings regarding Dashain Festival 2076.

 Dashain 2076 lae Sabaiko Gharma Khusiyali Chaasos, Sukha Samriddhi Chaaos


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