Dashain Wishes And Greetings 2075

Dashain Wishes And Greetings 2075

Dashain is the main and the greatest festival of Hindus. In othere words it is the festival of happiness and joyfulness. We Nepali people mostly celebrate this festival. We share good thoughts and Dashain Greetings to all the friends, family, relatives and elders. It is celebrated all over Nepal. Today we will learn about Dashain Greetings and Dashain Wishes.

Happy Dashain 2075 To All.

People share good “Dashain Wishes” to all the people of nepal. They use different social networks to share these Dashain vives. This is like trend in Nepal. And this creates a good relationship between all the nepali people. In other words Dashain sayings refers to good sayings and blessings we get from our elders.

Dashain Wishes

Main Dashain Greetings we say is Happy Dashain. People share this message to all the nepsli with the help of Facebook and many other social media. We celebrate this festival with full of Joy And Happiness.

The main Function of Wishes is to make every people happy and cheerful. We worship Goddess Durga in this Dashain Festival. If we share good Dashain Wishes and Dashain Greetings to all the people they become happy and we too become happy.

We worship Goddess Durga in Dashain Festival. We sacrifice goats and other animals to make Goddess Durga happy. Goddess Durga helps us from removing negative energy. Dashain festival is celebrated for nine days. So we call it navaratri. We celebrate by being happy and cheerful in these nine days. Wishes are exchanged with all the Nepali people or hindus who celebrate Dashain Festival.

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                     Jamara hose kan ma, Tika hose Nidhar ma

yehi nai ho Bada Dashain 2075 Sal ko Subhakamana

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