What Is Online Job ? How To Earn Money From Facebook In Nepal ?

Every people want to Earn Money Online. Nowadays there is a trend of Online Jobs everywhere. Jobs which is done Online with the help of Laptop, PC etc and an Internet is called Online Jobs. Today’s topic is How To Earn Money From Facebook In Nepal .

People make lots of Money Online nowadays. There are lot’s of platform Online which helps people to Make Money Online.

Online Jobs is trending in Nepal also. People are Earning a good amount of revenue from Facebook, Google, Youtube and Affiliate Marketing In Nepal.

Today, I will give you Ideas and Techniques to in the topic How To Earn Money From Facebook In Nepal 2019. So please read this Blog properly.

Steps On How To Earn Money From Facebook In Nepal ::

There are some simple steps to be followed if you want to earn some good revenue from facebook. Facebook has some policies which a user should follow for earning. There are many people who are earning a good amount of revenue from facebook. If you also want to become one of them then just follow my steps.

Steps :

1. You must have a Facebook Page. You facebook page plays a big role on Facebook Earning.
2. Having a Facebook Page is not sufficient. You must be elligible for monetizing your facebook page.
3. Your Facebook Page should be of a good age and there must be a good engagement of people .
4. There must be a good amount of likes and engagement.
5. If this all are done then you must Sign Up for Facebook for Developers and Facebook Audience Network.

6. These are the main thing which help you to monetize your Facebook Page.
7. If your Facebook Page is Elligible then it will be able to see your page in the screen.
8. Then follow and give the required information and Submit your application for Facebook Page Monetization.
9. You will receive your Confirmation letter from facebook in 3 business days. If your application is approved then you can start to make money from Facebook.
10. If you will get the error or disapprove message then Facebook will give you chance to edit your articles and resubmit again.

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Conclusion ::

This much for the topic. If you have any question and queries regarding How To Earn Money From Facebook In Nepal 2019, then please feel free to contact. We are always there to help you at any time.


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