How To Earn Money From Youtube In Nepal 2019 Updated

About The Youtube :

Youtube is a Website where a person can share Videos and its headquarter is in California. It’s one of the most famous websites 0in the world. This is an American website. In the other words, Youtube is a bank of ideas information and knowledge. Youtube is the most famous and user-friendly website for sharing and viewing video clips. This is nowadays like a part of life. In simple words it is used in day to day life by people. Youtube is used by people of every age young, old everybody. Today you will be learning about How To Earn Money From Youtube In Nepal with every ideas.

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People share lots of tutorials and ideas which makes our lifestyle easier and better. This website Youtube was created by three employees of Paypal. Those great personalities are Jaweb Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen. And it was developed in the year 2005 February. Google-owned this site for USD 1.65 Billion. Youtube provides facilities like sharing videos, like video, dislike video, comment in the video, subscribe the channel and many more facilities.

The Process Of Earning From Youtube :

How To Earn Money From Youtube In Nepal? Most of the Youtube Video is upload by individuals. Youtube has given a good opportunity for people to Earn Money by uploading videos to Youtube. Youtube provides money through Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the King of advertisement.

To earn from Youtube just uploading a video is not sufficient. A person must have 1000 subscriber in their channel and only they can earn money from Youtube. In previous policy, we must have 10,000 views to earn money from Youtube. And also having 1000 subscribers is not sufficient. There is some process to earn money.

Please follow the steps below to earn money from Youtube :

1)  Get 1000 subscriber in your channel and you must have a good number of Videos in           the channel.
2)  Now you must create a Gmail account.
3)  You must create Google Adsense account. You can create Google Adsense account from       the link given below.Google Adsense

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Steps To Create Adsense Account | How To Earn Money From Youtube In Nepal

a) Visit the above link.
b) Click on Sign Up.
c) Fill all the required information.
And finally, click on submit.
4) After having the Google Adsense account you must apply for Adsense with Youtube to        get the advertisement in your Videos.

Many things affect Earnings on Youtube. The main factor is country.Countries like America, Canada, Germany etc have high rates. In simple words, if your video is watched by people from America, Canada, Germany etc then you will earn more money.
If you have other question regarding How To Earn Money From Youtube In Nepal then please ask the questions.

Conclusion :

This much for this topic. If you have any queries and questions regarding “How To Earn Money From Youtube In Nepal” then please feel free to contact us.

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