Samriddhi College  – Best IT Colleges In Bhaktapur

Samriddhi College – Best IT Colleges In Bhaktapur

Samriddhi College – IT Colleges In Bhaktapur

Samriddhi College  - Best IT Colleges In Bhaktapur
Samriddhi College – Best IT Colleges In Bhaktapur

And Samriddhi College which was established in the year 2013 AD has achieved success in the field of Institution of IT in the very short period of time. At first, the whole team of Samriddhi College works in Prime International College. After many years of experienced the team decided to start their own Institution of IT Education. I will give you knowledge on the topic of Samriddhi College  – IT Colleges In Bhaktapur.

In the year 2013 AD, Samriddhi College had just run BSc.CSIT course. After the grand success, in 2014 AD College effort to run BBS & BSW programme. Now  College has started to run BCA course from these years (2018). This all course are running  TU.

About Samriddhi College – IT colleges in Bhaktapur

Samriddhi College which is one of the best IT Colleges In Bhaktapur Provides a high-quality education equivalent to most of the renowned institutions worldwide. Samriddhi College is also one of the TU Affiliated College in Nepal. It ran the same course which is provided by TU.

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Chairman of Samriddhi College 

Name: Mr. Monahar Kumar Bhattarai

Profession: Former Vice Chairman of HLCIT (High-Level Commission for Information Technology)

National: Nepal’s first IT Policy, National Broadband Involvement    Policy and National Broadband Master plan for the Government of Nepal.

International: Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway initiative Involvement led by   United Nations Economic and Social Commission (UN-ESCAP) as an expert member of the group formed by the Commission.

Samriddhi College Vision:

Samriddhi College believes that good education should be progressive, engaging and imbued with inspiration. The college includes an open and dynamic relationship between faculty, students, parents, and society as a whole. It is assured that together we can build a brighter future for both the country and the world.

Samriddhi College Mission:

Samriddhi College mission is to provide a well-rounded, education that transforms students into the dynamic leader and engaged citizens of the country.

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