Nepal Religion 2019

In this World, there are about 7 Billion of the population with different religions, culture, norms, notions, and festivals. But in this blog, we are going to discuss different religions in Nepal. And out today’s topic is Nepal Religion 2019 – Nepal Religion And Culture. We will share some information about our country Nepal Religion And Culture

Nepal Religion 2019 - Nepal Religion And Culture
Nepal Religion 2019 – Nepal Religion And Culture

Constitution of Nepal-January 15, 2007 had declared Nepal as a secular, inclusive, totally democratic state with multi-religious, multi-cultures and multi-ethnic country. Before that Nepal was considered as a hindu religions country. But the constitution of 2007 didn’t come to be effective.

So, New Constitution of Nepal,20 September 2015 was made where it is clearly written that Nepal is no more a hindu religious country and there are no countries in the world with Hinduism except India.

But it doesn’t mean that we should not protect our religion. We should protect our oldest Hindu in the way of peace and respect supporting every others religion too.

Nepal Population By Religion 2018

  As a report estimated by UnitedNations on 27 November 2018, the current population of Nepal is 2,97,51,851with different religions they believe on.

As from data of 2011 census, 80.62% of Nepalese population was Hindu, 9.0% were Buddhist, 1.4% were Christian, 4.4%were Muslim, 3.0% were Kirati, 0.2% were Sikh, 0.1% were Jain, 0.6% include other religions such as Om Santi, Sai Baba, Krishna Pranami etc.


              Hinduism is considered as third largest religion in the World with more than 1 billion belief globally. It ranks just below Christianity and Islam. Of the many faiths practiced in the world, Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest active religions.

             Hinduism was considered as far back as 3000 BCE, with the Indus Valley Civilization near the border of Pakistan and India. The Ancient Vedic text is the oldest religious text of Hinduism as well as of the world, which was written in Sanskrit around 1000 BCE, as a hymn of God.

            Also, there are various texts, which are written in Sanskrit (Liturgical Language), such as Vedas, Bhagavad-Gita, Puranas like Bhagavatam, the Upanishads, the Hindu Epics like Ramayana & Mahabharat.

           In Hinduism, God Indra is known as the King of Gods, whereas God Vishnu is known as the protector of Gods.

Hinduism In Nepal

            The trend of following Hindu religion in Nepal is highest with 80.62% of Nepalese population. About 2,39,85,942 Nepalese population believe in Hindu religion. It is assumed that this religion was started before 3500 years ago in Nepal.

Hinduism Belief in Multiple Deities. The primary three are Shiva, Vishnu & Brahma, but there are many deities, which are in below list:

  1. Krishna
  2. Ganesh
  3. Ram
  4. Indra
  5. Kartikeya
  6. Surya
  7. Trimurti
  8. Ayyapan
  9. Agni
  10. Rudra
  11. Varuna
  12. Balaram
  13. Dev
  14. Vayu
  15. Kubera
  16. Budha
  17. Brhaspati
  18. Prajapati
  19. Adityas
  20. Chandra
  21. Ashvins
  22. Dhanvantari
  23. Garuda
  24. Tvastar
  25. Dattatreya
  26. Bhaga
  27. Jagannath
  28. Parjanya
  29. Kamadeva
  30. Lakshmana
  31. Aryaman
  32. Maruts
  33. Dhatri
  34. Harihara
  35. Vishvakarman
  36. Pushan
  37. Khatushyam
  38. Revanta
  39. Apam napat
  40. Vishvaksena
  41. Amshuman
  42. Shesha
  43. Anila
  44. Aruna
  45. Nandi
  46. Chitragupta
  47. Mitra
  48. Rudras
  49. Ribhus
  50. Adimurti

There are several popular Temples in Nepal which are often visited by pilgrims. Some of them are: –

  1. Pashupatinath
  2. Manakamana
  3. GorkhaKalika
  4. Dantakali
  5. Changunarayan
  6. Dakshinkali
  7. Budhanilkantha
  8. Muktinath
  9. Guheswari
  10. Janaki Mandir
  11. Chandragiri
  12. Bindabasini
  13. Baglung Kalika
  14. Mayadevi
  15. Bajrayogini
  16. Maula Kalika
  17. Devghat Dham
  18. Chandi Barahi
  19. Tal Barahi
  20. Panchakanya

Hinduism celebrates different festivals every year. They are as follow:

  •  Dashain                                                             
  •  Tihar
  •  Teej
  •  Mahashivaratri
  •  Krishna Janmashtami
  •  Holi              
  •  Ramnavami 
  •  Mage Sankranti  
  •  Buddha Jayanti
  •  Falgun Purnima
  •  Nag Panchami 
  •  Hanuman Jayanti  
  •  Raksha Bandhana
  •  Chhath
  •  Govardhan Puja
  •  Durga Puja  
  •  Navaratri
  •  Gurupurnim

This is all about Hinduism and Hinduism in Nepal. We hope you like it.


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