11 Best Nepali Love Shayari Haru [2019] | All For Nepali Love

11 Best Nepali Love Shayari Haru [2019] | All For Nepali Love

Hello, friends, I am back with the pack of New Nepali Love Shayari 2019. I have collected the latest Nepali Shayari and I have written this for you. I hope you will love this. Please read this carefully and properly.

11 Best Nepali Love Shayari Haru [2019] | All For Nepali Love
11 Best Nepali Love Shayari Haru [2019] | All For Nepali Love

What is Nepali Love Shayari? [Shayari]

It is said that, in ancient time peoples, mostly the kings and highly-decorated people used to spend time with their loving fellas. At that time, they made some impressive phrases or verses to impress their loving fellas, which later called Shayari.

In one word, Shayari is an effective way to express sentiments, feeling, and love.

Nepali Shayari is a special type of poetry in the Nepali Language that allows a person to express his deep feelings from the bottom of the heart through words. In simple word, Shayari is an Urdu poem, writing and reciting. Shayari are the typical type of poems consists of at least one couplet or “Sher”.

And Group of couplets constitutes a “Ghazal”, which is the most popular of Urdu Poetry formats. The writer of Urdu/Couplets/Poetry is called Shayer.

More About Nepali Shayari

In the 18th and 19th century, generally, people use shayari to explain/show their feeling to their dearest one. But in the 20th century Shayari doesn’t become much famous as in the 18th/19th century. Now, coming on 21st century Shayari professional have made a promise to bring back the Shayari era.

We are doing lots of hard work to provide you latest updated Shayari by Shayari pro. As I explain in the above paragraph that Shayari going extinct in today’s generation.  So, our responsibility is to help to protect Shayari and to develop it. Support us bringing Shayari era back and share it more as you can in every social media.

11 Best Nepali Love Shayari Haru [2019] | All For Nepali Love

Here is the collection of 11 best Nepali Love Shayari.

  1. My heart is still beating, you know why because you are inside it.
  2. There is an ocean of love between us and I am drowning in it.
  3. I don’t need a perfect love relationship, I just need someone who doesn’t give up on me.
  4. I want to hold your hand at 80 and say that we made it.
  5. If you can’t bring rainbow in your partner lips, then you should not bring monsoon in their eyes.
  6. Making memories with you is the best thing I can do to be happy.
  7. I want to be your favorite hello and the hardest goodbye.
  8. You are the smile to my face and beat to my heart.
  9. If love is not madness it is not love.
  10. I have seen the best of you and the worst, but I accept them all because I love you.
  11. You are the sunshine when there are my dark times.


Ok, this much for today’s article about 11 Best Nepali Love Shayari Haru [2019] | All For Nepali Love. I hope you enjoyed this. If you have any queries and suggestions please comment us and contact us.

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