Samajik College Fee Structure – BCA College In Kathmandu

Samajik College Fee Structure – Samajik College BCA College In Kathmandu

Samajik College Fee Structure - BCA College In Kathmandu
Samajik College Fee Structure – BCA College In Kathmandu

Samajik College is in Araniko Highway, Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur. This is one of the best colleges in Nepal. Samajik College is affiliated to Tribhuwan University. There are lots of facilities in Samajik College. Samajik college is very much famous for BSC.CSIT, BCA. Bachelors In Science Computer Science And Information Technology. Today I will share Information about Samajik College Fee Structure and BCA College In Kathmandu.

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Samajik College – BSC.CSIT College In Bhaktapur

Samajik College is renowned for BSC.CSIT College In Bhaktapur. This is one of the best colleges in Bhaktapur. BSC.CSIT is a 4 years course with 8 semesters. As BSC.CSIT is a technical subject which needs lots of practice. Samajik College offers good and well-equipped labs.

Samajik College BSC.CSIT Fee Structure – Samajik College Fee Structure – BCA College In Kathmandu

In this paragraph, we will get some information about Samajik College BSC.CSIT Fee Structure – Samajik College Fee Structure.

Samajik college is located in lokanthali, Bhaktapur. It is one of the colleges which affiliates with TU. It specifically focuses on IT and computer science. Samajik college offers Bsc. BSC.CSIT programme of 4 years with 8 semesters and Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) of 4 years with 8 semesters.

Samajik College Fee Structure for BSC.CSIT is Rs.7,00,000.

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Samajik College Features And Facilities – BCA College In Kathmandu

Samajik college provides laboratories right away which are well equipped and advanced so that they can meet the needs essential for students. It also provides the facility of non-credit hour course and also teaches the soft skill, problem-solving skill and critical thinking rather than just focusing on the curricula required to graduate the students. Moreover, the teacher gives students some theoretical classes and practical classes. That class, teacher motivate students to apply their classrooms instructions. And Samajik college is one the best BCA College In Kathmandu.

Samajik College Aim

The Samajik College is established with an aim to make the career of +2 graduates in the field of IT and Computer science. The college understands the advancement of computers and Information Technology which continues to have an impact on lives. And teaching methods are focused to give advanced knowledge to students. It helps students to learn all the required information about computer and IT by the time they pass. The main motto of this college is to provide the A-one education to students so that they can be one of the members of the creative society in this competitive world of IT and computing.

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Conclusion :

This much for the topic Samajik College Fee Structure – Samajik College – BSC.CSIT College In Bhaktapur. If you have any questions and queries about this then please feel free to contact us. I have shared blogs about Nepali Smile Status, Nepali Love Status FB and also check for BSC CSIT Notes.

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