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Nepal Army Rank 2075

Nepal Army Rank 2075 And Nepal Army Chief
Nepal Army Rank 2075 And Nepal Army Chief

Nepal Army Rank 2075

Nepal Army has following ranks. The ranks go all the way up from 12. Nepal Army Rank levels up from performing duties and strict disciplinary. There are also many other factors that determine the Nepal Army Rank.

Nepal Army Rank and Posts:

1.) President
2.) Field Marshal (Atirathi)
3.) General Pradhan (Senapati)
4.) lieutenant general (Rathi)
5.) Major general (Uparathi)
6.) Brigadier general (Sahayakrathi)
7.) Colonel (Mahasenani)
8.) lieutenant colonel (Pramukhsenani)
9.) Major Senani (Pramukhsenani)
10.) Captain (Sahasenani)
11.) lieutenant (Upasenani)
12.) Second lieutenant (Sahayaksenani)

Nepal Army Chief 2075

Current Nepal Army Chief : Purna Chandra Thapa (after retirement of Rajendra Chettri).

Brief Introduction of Nepal Army :

Nepal Army claimed itself independent from Royal Family back in 28 May 2008. King Prithivi Narayan Shah united all the small fragments of lands into a single name Gorkha. He had notable commanders like Kalu Pandey. Thus, giving rise to a new kingdom under the single banner. The commander of Nepal Army is Nepal Army Chief. Nepal Army Chief has power to mobilize all the forces.

Being a landlocked country, Nepal Army is best for land warfare tactics. The army actively carries rescue missions during flood, fire and landslides.

They also work under road constructions. Currently, Nepal Army has been fulfilling responsibility of completing the Kathmandu-Terai(Madesh Expressway) A twin tube entry road.

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Nepal Army has following divisions:

Engineers Brigade:

  • Air Defense
  • Signal Brigade
  • VVIP security
  • Special Forces brigade
  • Army aviation brigade
  • Artillery brigade

Nepal Army Vacancy has following requirements:

For joining in the Army : (Basic Requirements)

1.) Services to join is voluntarily.

2.) Candidates should be minimum 18 years of age.

3.) Candidates should not exceed 24 years of age.

4.) You need to have all the personal details like citizenship, academic records and certificates.

These are the basic requirements  Nepal Army Vacancy looks for. We will Update our article and inform you if there is anything new about Nepal Army Vacancy .

Physical Attributes required for joining Nepal Army :

1.) Minimum 50 kg weight.
2.) Body height should be minimum 5’3.

Physical test :

300 m running – Complete in 55 sec
Chin Up – 3 times
3 km running – Complete in 17 min
Sit Up – 15 times
Push Up – 10 times

Academic qualification and entrance exam :

1.) Should have passed intermediate/+2 level.
2.) Entrance exam is held after physical test
I.Q. – 60 marks (30 minutes).
Written Exams- English, Mathematics & Nepali of 100 marks each (3 hours for each subject).
General knowledge – 100 marks (90 minutes).

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Conclusion :

After passing all of the above tests candidate can appear for interviews. They will undergo 18 months cadet training in Army training centers. If you have any Questions and Queries regarding “Nepal Army Rank 2075 – Nepal Army Chief – Nepal Army Vacancy” then please feel free to contact us. Thank You !!!!!!