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South Facing House Vastu Plan 2019 – South Facing House Plan Samples

South Facing House Vastu 2019
South Facing House Vastu 2019

South Facing House Vastu Plan 2019

The vedic science regarding the placement of materials and plans is known as vastu-sashtra. Modern science considers energy and matter as simultaneous happening. Today we will learn about South Facing House Vastu Plan 2019. South Facing Samples are also explained in this post.

Also the Rishi-muni gave prime importance to the cosmic radiation and the sun light which create a great influence in fabric of space and time. Applying principles of Vastu-shastra correctly manifests the postive energy from cosmos and can make a family wealthy and prosperous.

More About South Facing House Vastu Plan And South Facing House Plan Samples 2019 :

South Facing House Vastu Plan 2019 - South Facing House Plan Samples
South Facing House Vastu Plan 2019 – South Facing House Plan Samples

Effects of Vastu is determined primarily by shape and direction of house with respect to sun. So, We will be talking about a south facing Vastu. We will give you some ideas on South Facing House Plan Samples 2019.

Here comes the myth that a south facing Vastu is an ill fated house.Most of the effects are cancelled by its placement. we will get some ideas about South Facing House Plan Samples in this paragraph.

That is, luckily if the place where your house is placed receives good amount of vibrations and if regular puja-ajas are being conducted the positive energies being developed could mitigate the ill effects of placement.Before you reside in the house facing south you should consider following things.

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Remedial Measures For House Facing South:

  • There should not be slope in south and if there’s one, a cat can be kept in the house.
  • You might consider keeping the safe where you keep your wealth in north direction.
  • The total no of windows and doors should be even.
  • The store room should be kept in north-west.
  • The kitchen should be kept in south-east.
  • The center of the house should be kept empty.
  • The height and width of the room should be made accordingly.
  • keeping pyramid structure white in color in rooftop corners by far is the best way to reduce the vastu-doshas.
  • You can also hang crystals in living room.

Avoiding the Vastu-Doshas:

  • Before you build a home, You should examine the land site and learn it’s history if possible.
  • Also, A quick check upon the dwellers is better.
  • Foundation placement is also very necessary as a proper placement has scientific and Vastu importance.
  • The things you keep inside can also interfere with the energies,Keeping pictures of green scenic beauty can be good. The pictures relating demons,gore and war is better not to put.
  • Griha-Pravesh or an auspicious time to shift into your new home affects your living in the house. So, You can consult a Pandit who can see best day and time for it.

Conclusion :

This much for the topic “South Facing House Vastu Plan 2019. Before you try any of our remedial measures try consulting a professional jyotish or Vastu scholar.

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