Top 5 Best Games In Nepal – National Sport Of Nepal

Top 5 Best Games In Nepal – National Sport Of Nepal

Games are like one of the part of our life. Without games we cannot survive. Due to games and sports we feel fresh and healthy. There different types of games played all over the world. Games and Sports make children healthy and strong. It helps to develop their physical strength and power. There are many Best Games In Nepal. People play different types of games for enjoyment. We will learn about Top 5 Best Games In Nepal today.

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National Sport Of Nepal

The national sport of Nepal is Dandi-Biyo. Many people play this game in a group. Nepal is improving its image in the games all over the world. Football and Cricket are getting improved and developed in Nepal day by day. ANFA is producing lots of good players in Nepal. Nepali football players are fit and strong enough. There are many top football and cricket players in Nepal. This much for National Sport Of Nepal.

The Top 5 Best Games In Nepal Are :

  1. Football
  2. Cricket
  3. Dandi Biyo
  4. Swimming
  5. Taekwondo

Today we will be learning about these Top 5 Best Games In Nepal in Detail. Please read this article completely.

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  1. Football :

Football is one of the Top 5 Best Games In Nepal. Not only Nepal it is famous all over the world. The worlds biggest game competition World Cup will be held every 4 years. Football is a very interesting and entertaining game ever. This Football is a very nice game and it helps us to become healthy. It is one of the best sports and outdoor game.

There are lots of great football players in the world. Like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar etc are very great footballers. There are some great players in Nepal who plays in the national team. They are Sagar Thapa, Jumanu Rai, Bhola Silwal, Rohit Chand etc. Football is the game which helps to get fit. We get whole body exercise from football.

2. Cricket :

The other game is Cricket. This is one of the famous game which is played all over the world. Cricket is a very nice and entertaining game. There are lots of Cricket tournament held every year. Cricket is a game of techniques. The Cricket is a bat and ball game played between two teams of eleven players. Cricket is also one of the Top 5 best games in nepal

The National Cricket team captain of Nepal is Paras Khadka. He is a very good cricket player from Nepal. And Sandip Lamichane is also a young rising cricket player from Nepal. He has played a big game from Indian team. He is a good player with lots of ideas.

3. Swimming :

Swimming is one of the best game and also a best exercise. It is a good game and its a fair game. We need lots of strength to play this. Swimming is a good whole body exercise that helps us to be healthy. It is an entertaining game but it is also a danger game. Many people have died due to this game. If you don’t know swimming please don’t try this without help of professionals.

4. Dandi Biyo :

Dandi Biyo is the national game of Nepal. It is the game played between 3 or more players. This is an interesting game. It is entertaining and easy to play. We need a stick which must be 2 feet long. And a bio of 6 inches. This is a good game. Dandi Biyo is also considered as the best games in Nepal. Many small children and also big people play this game. This game does not require more space to play. This is not so hard to play.

It is same like the game Gilli Danda in India. The main thing is the popularity of this game is decreasing day by day in Nepal. We must preserve our culture and tradition.

5. Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean game which is also played in Nepal. It is a very good game. This is a game between two players. It is like martial arts. It is also a danger game. We need lots of power to play this game. Without strength and techniques, we cannot play this game properly. Its all about ideas and techniques. Taekwondo is a game consist of kicks, spinning kicks, jumping kicks etc.

Conclusion :

I want to say that playing games are very beneficial to us. Games and Sports make us healthy and strong. There is a saying “Prevention is better than cure“. So play games and become healthy. Many people choose games and sports as their career. This much for this article. If you have any questions about Top 5 Best Games In Nepal then please feel free to contact us. Thank You.

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