Top 5 Best Place To Visit In Nepal

Nepal is one of the beautiful country in the entire world. Nepal is famous for its natural beauty all over the world. Top 5 Best Place To Visit In Nepal. There are many places where people can visit for their holidays, study, and to live in Nepal. Nepal is consist of lots of beautiful places and many religious places. Nepal is famous all over the world due to the Natural Beauty or Nepal Beauty. Many people from different countries come to Nepal for trekking and fun. One of the most famous wor all over the world is Trekking In Nepal. Trekking In Nepal is famous because due to lots of natural beauty and hilly areas. There are different places which are famous and is renowned for Trekking In NepalTop 5 Best Places To Visit In Nepal.



Nepal is a country having the area of 1,47,181 In comparison to other countries, Nepal is a small country. Nepal is being divide into Three different geographical regions. They are the Himalayas, Hilly, and Terai. According to the geographical regions Nepal Weather is define. The capital city of Nepal is Kathmandu Nepal. There are many beautiful places in Nepal. Today we will be learning about Top 5 Best Places To Visit In Nepal. Nepal is famous for Nepal Tourism in all over the world. Top 5 Best Place To Visit In Nepal?

Nepal Tourism

Tourism means famous places or renowned places which attracts foreigners from other countries towards it. Tourists are people from other countries who visit other countries for spending holidays, study and even to live there. Nepal is famous all over the world for Nepal Tourism. Nepal is famous for its natural beauty and so it is famous as Nepal Tourism. Lots of Famous places can be found in the capital city of Nepal Kathmandu Nepal. There are religious places and lots of famous tourism places in Kathmandu Nepal. Also, Nepal weather is good to visit. It is cold in the Himalayas, Moderate in Hilly and Hot in Terai. In average Nepal’s Weather is moderate and cold.

Top 5 Best Place To Visit In Nepal

There different types of beautiful and nice places to visit in Nepal. Mostly foreigners come to Nepal for natural beauty or Nepal Beauty and for study. People think Nepal Trip is the best trip for holidays. There will be no any obstacles during Nepal Trip. There are complete facilities for transportation and communication during Nepal Trip.

5 Nepal Beautiful Places To Visit Are

1.) Ilam :

Ilam is situated in the eastern part of Nepal. It is famous all over the world for best Tea production. Ilam is also famous for its best weather. Nepal Weather is moderate but Ilam has the best weather. Many people from all over the world come to Ilam for visit. We can see the sunrise from Ilam. Tourism places of Ilam are Maipokhari, Sandakpur, Sidhithumka, Sriantu, Sadhutar, etc.


2.) Pokhara :

Pokhara is also one of most renowned place or best places to visit in Nepal. Pokhara is  in the Gandaki zone. It is clean and many tourists from all over the world. Pokhara is famous for Phewa Lake and the shadow of Mt.Machhachapuchre in it.


3.) Kathmandu :

Kathmandu is one of best places to visit in Nepal. It is the capital city of Nepal. Kathmandu is famous all over the world for its religious places, tourist places and many more. Kathmandu is very good to visit. There are many natural heritages which is enlist in the World Heritage site by UNESCO. Pashupatinath, Bauddha, Swyambhunath, Dakshankali etc are situated in Kathmandu.


4.) Pathivara Temple :

Pathivara Temple is also one of the religious places to visit. It is said to be the real existence of God in Pathivara Temple. Goddess Pathivara Devi worshiped by all the Hindus. Pathivara Temple is situated in the eastern part of Nepal in Taplejung district Mechi zone.


5.) Mustang :

Mustang is one of the best places to visit in Nepal. This is situated in the north of Nepal in Dhaulagiri zone. Mustang is famous for its climate and natural beauty. If you are planning to visit Nepal you must visitMustang once. You will see the real natural beauty there.

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