Top Jobs In Nepal With High Salary

Top Jobs Of Nepal

What is a Job in simple words?

A job is simply a work to earn money. We must earn money to surviuve in this world. Nothing is possible without money and earnings. To increase the living standard a person should have good amount of earning. So today we will learn about the different ways to make money in Nepal. In simple Top Jobs Of Nepal.

There are lots of jobs people are doing to earn money in these days. In the context of Nepal, It is an agricultural country. About 60% of jobs depend on agriculture. Nepal is also regarded as the green country. Top Jobs Of Nepal. Nepal is a famous country which has lots of beautiful natural beauties. Nepal is famous all over the world due to its natural beauty.
Nepalese people depend upon agriculture for their livelihood. Nepalese are hard workers. Not only Agriculture there are lots of other jobs like Working in Industries, Opening a small cottage industry, and also Online Jobs. There is a trend of working online nowadays in Nepal. Not only Nepal it is famous all over the world. There are lots of Online Workers and mainly they are students. It is a good trend to work online. This requires new techniques and ideas.


No 1 is Obviously Agriculture :

Agriculture means not only farming in the field. It means a lot. Agriculture means Cattle Rearing, Farming Seasonable Crops, Horticulture, Floriculture and many more. This work is very good and it is very friendly to work. This does not require any qualification to start this. The main things required for Agriculture is Hard Work and Patience. There are lots of new techniques which is involved in Agriculture. Agriculture has made many people rich.

Agriculture is the main factor for the economic source in Nepal. This is a very good job for people. Farmers live a happy life and they are healthy too. Agro country Nepal is clean and helathy.

Second is Online Jobs :

Online earning is one of the famous and very easy jobs in Nepal. Online Earning is one of the jobs which requires marketing ideas and lots of techniques. This is famous all over the world. To become good in Online Earning one must have a good relationship between computer. This will create a medium easier to the person in Earning Online. People earn from Blogging, Youtube, Instant Articles from Facebook, Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing etc. Many people are dependent in this job nowadays.

This is one of the best jobs for this 21’st century. Many people in Nepal are also following these jobs and earning good amount of money. This has created many people employed in Nepal and also in many other countries. Facebook, Google, Bing provides good amount of revenue to people who are working online. Many people are doing this job as their full time job. This job needs technique and no any certificates to start.


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